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HS/CD/16/00461 | Discharge of conditions 2(soft landscaping), 5(material samples), 6(hard landscaping), 8(drainage), 10(climate change mitigation), 13(boundary treatments), 16(cycle parking), 17(refuse storage details), 18(surface water), 19(wheel washing), 20(joinery details), 21(rainwater goods), 22(external flues/vents), 23(kerb) and 24(change of use) of planning permission HS/FA/15/00307 | 406-410 Old London Road, Hastings, TN35 5BB
Name Constraint Type
Historic Landfill Site 250m Buffer Environment Agency Historic Landfill Site 250m Buffer
Local Plan Planning Strategy Policy FA5 Local Plan Planning Strategy 2011-2028 Policy FA5 - Strategic Policy for Eastern Area Adopted 19/2/2014

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