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HS/FA/15/00995 | Construction of commercial and office units | Unit C, 1-8 Brook Way, Hastings, TN35 4NN
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Mr & Mrs Young

Comment submitted date: Tue 22 Dec 2015

Firstly we would like to thank the applicant for the considerable redesign of the proposed buildings & for listening to the concerns from the previous withdrawn application. In case the applicant is not aware there are mains sewer & surface water drains that run down the side of the cemetery & then down Ivyhouse Lane on the boundary of the Brook Way Estate. These do not always show up even to Southern Water !

That being said :-

We wish to object to the proposed development on the following grounds.

Although the height of the buildings have been reduced & the overlooking offices moved to a different aspect of the development from the previous application (HS/FA/15/00630) The ground to be used is already at a higher elevation than our property which will mean that even the 10 car parking spaces for the North unit will still be high enough to be overlooking our garden & property. As the re opening of the Historic access has been removed from the application this would allow the council to impose conditions in relation to Evergreen Trees being planted on the boundary between the developement & Ivyhouse Lane to form a screen for both noise & light pollution (REPLACING SOME OF THOSE CUT DOWN IN THE LAST 2 YEARS ).

My wife & I enjoy the use of our garden during the week to sunbathe nude when the weather allows at any time of the year.

Also because of this elevation even low level lights will be above our boundary line & light pollution will be increased from the already excessive level. We also have concerns over the noise produced by any extraction fan systems or air conditioning systems.

We do not object to the building of warehouses etc on the Brook Way estate nor even the location of this application but there is now no screening left between us & the Industry due to the wholesale removal of approx. 40 ft belt of conifers & trees in the last 2 years. We appreciate that is a lot of land for industry & is worth a lot of money to the owners but this whole site is now exposed to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty & beyond & all the light pollution from the flood lights which were shielded by the trees before. The owners of the estate have so far refused to do anything about this. It should be noted that the applicants satellite image in the previous application was out of date in that there are nearly no trees left inside of the Brook Way Estate on the North East Boundary .

We would invite the councillors to visit our property to see the effect it could have if no screening is put in place both on our selves & on the greater Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. In conclusion we would ask the council to only grant approval with conditions forming part of the approval in relation to the planting & maintaining of a belt of Evergreen Trees to screen this development from the North & North East.

Many thanks

Colin & Nicky Young

Comment submitted date: Wed 13 Apr 2016

My wife & I would like to thank both the Applicant & the Council Planning officer.

All of our concerns to the original application have been addressed in full & on that basis we would like to formally withdraw our previous objections & register that we support the revised application.

Many thanks to everybody involved for listening

Mr David Young

Comment submitted date: Tue 22 Dec 2015

STALKHURST CARAVAN PARK was started in 1977 as a touring and camping site for

39 units and in 2007 became STALKHURST CARAVAN PARK comprising 22 static holiday units

and 11 touring pitches. The site is well occupied for ten and a half months of the year

Owners have always commented on how peaceful and quiet the area is , no matter what time of

year they visit and how lovely the countryside is.

Over the last two years the land on the proposed site has lost its trees ---cut down by the present


Hence nothing to screen out noise and light pollution from present factories shining directly into

windows of some caravans

Caravan owners and their friends visiting the park do not want to be wakened at six o'clock in the

morning or their young grandchildren being kept awake in the evening.

If proposed plans are approved, because of the elevation of the land and its height on that side of Ivyhouse Lane Security Lights will shine across the lane and well above the

6' high close board fencing around our site

With the loss of the 40 foot belt of trees bordering the proposed site there is no longer a pleasant

view for owners and walkers and the sounds of birds have vanished . All that is left is a scene

reminiscent of a bomb site. Not beautiful at all.

PLEASE stipulate screening using evergreen trees to be planted and maintained in the future and

light pollution and noise from the buildings are addressed in any approval

Otherwise I can see that this plan will be detrimental to tourism as owners of caravans on our

park will no longer wish to continue having their caravan here. This would be a loss to tourism

local shops and Hastings Borough Council

Comment submitted date: Wed 13 Apr 2016

With reference to the above application we withdraw our objections due to the applicant addressing our concerns regarding planting & screening.

Mrs Doreen Young

Comment submitted date: Tue 22 Dec 2015

My husband and I have lived in Stalkhurst Cottage for over 50 years and have seen

the spread ,over the past two years, of the factories (i.e, Brook Way) .

We have no objection to factories within reason.

We are pleased that the designs of the buildings in this application have been altered,

resulting in the buildings being lower in height and hopefully less intrusive on the landscape and also not so visible to those in the area of outstanding natural beauty

Unfortunately we are concerned that there are two roller shutter doors in the end of the building facing Ivyhouse Lane and our property. These doors will most likely be left open all day, especially in summer time and hot weather.

This will result in extra noise and possible light pollution in the lane and our property as well as that from the cars in the proposed car park bordering the Lane which serves this building .

There is no mention of screening this from the roadway and our property.

The belt of trees originally there have been cut down over the past two years.

Light pollution is an ongoing concern with no help from the present owners of the site. If flood lights are placed on the factory walls or parking area they will shine well above our six foot high boundary fence and illuminate even more of our grounds giving us no privacy.

As the land on the factory side of the lane is at a higher altitude to the lane and our property, without screening there will be no trees to curtail noise. etc.

There is no mention of the hours that these buildings are going to be in use .


Can conditions be stipulated regarding times of operations? Particularly regarding lighting and noise. Also the return of suitable evergreen trees being planted and maintained.

There is no mention of extractor fans . These can also create noise unless sited carefully and screened

Comment submitted date: Wed 13 Apr 2016

My husband & I withdraw our objections to this planning application in view of the applicant addressing our concerns regarding screening etc in the amended application

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