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HS/PD/15/01051 | Single storey rear extension to replace existing rear extension and removal of outbuilding | 110 St Helens Road, Hastings, TN34 2EL
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Mr Raymond Waters

Comment submitted date: Sun 10 Apr 2016

Re: Planning application for 110 St Helens Rd Ref HS/PD/15/01051/AHD.
Dear sir / Madam
With regards to the letter received 12th March for planning application to 110 for a rear extension.
I would like to make the following statement disapproval of the application.

Please note that the Letter states that the application is to replace the existing 3m extension and to remove the existing storage lean too adjacent to the boundary wall , The existing building is more of a conservatory , lean too than extension .Please read the deeds to the property it is very restrictive of additions to the building / property

The application drawings clearly show that the new extension is over twice the size of the existing conservatory / lean too at 6m x 4m. This is not a replacement of existing; I believe the 20m2 extension is over the limit for the percentage to extend the property especially as other extending works have been carried out within the property

The height of the extension is 3m. This will impede on my privacy allowing the Baileys to look into my rear bedroom window and over our recreational area to the rear and side of the property when the roof is accessed. There is no statement that the roof will not be used as a terrace. This would be very intrusive to my privacy this also leaves the rear of my property at risk of intrusion, I also note that the extension is being formed on the existing boundary wall. This is found to be non suitable to construct on also note no party wall arrangements have been requested. How is the side of the extension in view of my property going to be finished , this information is also missing ,as there are no sectional; drawings .
We previously looked into applying for a rear extension and was verbally advised by Hastings Planning that I was only allowed to construct out 3m from the property allowing 15m2, I was advised that a conservatory could extend 4m . On this information we had the conservatory installed as this is a non-permanent fixture and is in keeping with the deeds. 110 is applying for a permanent fixture of 6m and 36m2.

Please note a 6m Extension will cause loss of light to my conservatory as this will be higher and longer shutting out natural light into my conservatory and kitchen.

Please note the Victorian properties from 101 - 110 have Not had extension to the rear of the properties of St Helens Rd these are the only block of Victorian houses on the part of St Helens Rd in question
A summary of my objection is as follows
? Not in keeping with the property deeds or boundary?s within
? Privacy
? Inadequate drawings showing finishes
? Existing works undertaken by the owner of 110 at 110 not compliant with planning and or Highways regulations.
? Loss of light to my conservatory / kitchen
? Spoiling the view from my rear bedroom windows

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