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HS/FA/20/00222 | Erection of 29 dwellings with associated car parking, landscaping and modified access from Rock Lane. | Land west side of, Rock Lane, Hastings
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Ms Jennifer Sinden

Comment submitted date: Thu 04 Jun 2020

We object strongly to this application.

This application is similar to the original proposals for Hazelwood View (adjacent to the proposed site). Please be aware that our experience has been that these people can talk a good talk but do not deliver and have shown a disregard for residents and wildlife. Despite the difference in company names, it is the same people.
As the *redacted* neighbour to Hazelwood View, we were promised but years later are still waiting for...
The North boundary hedgerow to be in-filled and maintained.
Builders rubbish to be cleared and taken away.
For the landowners to take responsibility as Riparian owners.

The Hazelwood View development has approval subject to conditions from Rother District Planning reference: RR/2015/1514/P.
We would therefore suggest that HBC talk to Mrs Shepherd at RDC and also to visit Hazelwood View in person and speak to residents.

We certainly wouldn't expect planning to be granted before the Hazelwood View development has been completed in its entirety.

In common with previous comments, we would be concerned about the added traffic especially during the build. Despite promises that adequate parking would be provided on site, Hazelwood View contractors continually parked on the street. This could be a nightmare for residents of Teddar Terrace (again), Churchill Avenue and Rock Lane - an accident waiting to happen both for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Jen and Paul Sinden

Comment submitted date: Fri 09 Oct 2020

I have been watching carefully for planning notices to go up around the site and there have been none at all, not even on the fencing at the entrance.

That would explain the lack of objections as most local residents will not know about it despite the effect that it will have on their lives.

I have already raised an objection to this application and only knew about it from a chance conversation with one of the handful of people who were sent consultation letters at the beginning of the process.

Guestling Parish Council

Comment submitted date: Wed 24 Jun 2020

Despite the efforts of 2 of Guestling Parish councillors no site notice could be found.

It is acknowledged that any additional development would be additional strain on the 1930's drainage system and this concerns us right on the edge of A.O.N.B.

There also seems to be no details for a drainage system for a development of this size.

The rise in amount,speed and size of traffic in this narrow rural lane is already a large problem.

A member of the RoadSafety Audit team created a report, during lockdown, based on drawings and photographs as there were no visits due to Covid 19. The report stated light traffic,couple of pedestrians,no cyclists.

Guestling Parish Council consider this not acceptable and certainly not a normal traffic state.

Mr Neal Clark

Comment submitted date: Sat 20 Jun 2020

Dear sir/madam

I would like to put a email to you regarding the proposed development of the land west of rock lane.

My wife and I are formally against the development of this land for a number of reasons.

1. Wild life and natural beauty of the area. We moved to this area due to the fact we had so much more countryside and wildlife on our doorstep. We feel this will be lessened with the development of more of the local fields. With it also bringing more traffic, disruption of natural habitat and light pollution. Let alone more pollution from the construction and extra vehicle moving in and out of the area.

2. Added traffic to an already busy cut through road. Rock lane is not only a main road out to the countryside it's also used by a lot of people and business with sites and premises down rock lane. With a lot of lorry's delivery's going too and from Parker's building supplies on a daily basis is just one to mention. The infer-structure of the roads in this area are not already suited for this traffic let alone adding more with a extra junction on a corner that is fairly blind to vehicles coming up and down the road. Let alone when looking out of Churchill Avenue or pulling in across from rock lane.

3. With also the proposed development of other areas around the roads it just getting more hemmed into a busy area from what we moved away from to have a bit more relaxed life and to be able to bring up our kids and family with less destructions and more fresh clean living space and air. With more and more people moving in and the ways of life this will hugely increase the carbon footprint of our area depriving people of this clean natural area.

4. Drainage and increased pollution will be a big worry as well. With this field being a natural soak away to the rain it will increase the risk of water running in to the other surrounding areas with the natural pond proof of this being a water drainage area. This again would take things away from natural habitat and wildlife. With also added pressure on a 1930 drain system from when this area was 1st developed. All theses points are simple calculations from living in this area for over 6years and dealing with what life has to offer in our surroundings.

5. The safety of my pets and kids is also a concern with the fact of the increase of vehicles and people in the area making issues.

Mrs Barbara Hackett

Comment submitted date: Fri 05 Jun 2020

Firstly I would like to say that I have no objections to the new development. I do have great concern as to where the entrance road is situated. It is on a blind bend and very near to the junction of Churchill avenue into Rock lane. During my 20 years here I have witnessed numerous confrontations outside my property, I.E Screeching of breaks and heated arguments as drivers are picking up speed as they come out of the calming section, coming out of Churchill avenue left or right and usually speeding round the blind bend to approach the junction. I seriously think the new entrance is an accident waiting to happen.
Would you think it could be at all possible to change the plan of the road to come out further down on the straight section?
Thank you.
Being at present a natural habitat for all wildlife I do sincerely hope that you will respect this and take care that as much natural habitat is left for the creatures.
One last question, on the previous plans for the development further down a proposed public footpath was shown, I do hope this is still going to take place as I looked forward to being able to walk through the surrounding country.
Thank you very much for your attention.

Comment submitted date: Wed 10 Jun 2020

Further to my comments made previously. On reflection another housing estate will be causing mayhem on Rock Lane. When all is said and done it is a country lane not a road. Houses to the east side of Rock lane are neat and built with taste, not like these new builds towering up like barns which are a blot on the landscape and certainly not sympathetic to this surrounding area. Not to mention the noise, dust, and stink. Plus the horrendous traffic problem it is going to cause for local residents if it is passed and for a considerable period of time. Please give this some serious consideration.

Mr Clive Hemmings

Comment submitted date: Wed 10 Jun 2020

Firstly, one of the reasons we purchased our property was for the uninterrupted views across the countryside. These views will now be ruined should the development go ahead, this will have an adverse effect on our property value during and after construction of these houses.

I have major concerns over the plans to only introduce tactile paving at the Churchill Road intersection. I have lived in Churchill Avenue for 3 years and i observe on a daily basis inconsiderate parking at this intersection. The inconsiderate parking causes this pedestrian crossing point to be regularly blocked off on both sides by residents that live not in Churchill Avenue but Rock Lane and Tedder Terrace. The double yellow lines need to be extended a further 3-4m into Churchill Avenue to ensure sight lines can be maintained for both pedestrians, mobility scooters, motorists and horses.

I would also strongly suggest that the planning application be amended to include improved additional parking capacity for the residents of Rock Lane / Tedder Terrace. It is clear from the plans that there is sufficient land for this to be implemented if as per your reports suggest, there is the potential for some 60+ additional vehicles that will be introduced when the development becomes populated. This in my view is a vast under estimate of additional vehicles when you consider regular visitors to these dwellings.

The speed limit of Churchill Avenue / Rock Lane is to great (30 mph) and in my opinion needs to be reduced. On many an occasion I've witnessed cars exceeding this when approaching this juncture and been involved in near misses with traffic 'passing through' on a regular basis.

In addition to this I feel that additional traffic calming measures also need to be introduced in the vicinity to deter anti-social driving behaviours as Churchill Avenue is being used as a rat run / short cut for traffic from Rye Road.

Mr Ryan Preston

Comment submitted date: Fri 05 Jun 2020

Wow, that's a lot of dwellings in an area not really built for it. I object.

Mrs Wendy Hill

Comment submitted date: Tue 02 Jun 2020

I strongly object to this planning application, at the moment the parking on rock lane is causing many issues, due to the new builds further down. The noise level has also increased 10 fold since this development and will only get worse with further dwellings, it will spoil the beauty of this area and will also destroy the nature within this area. Rock Lane sees a busy and fast amount of traffic daily and I fear we will see many more accidents in this spot should more development happen. This development should not be allowed to go ahead.

Comment submitted date: Wed 03 Jun 2020

I strongly object to this, the parking in Rock Lane is diabolical since the other houses were built, the houses have spoilt the beauty of the area and putting more houses up will just ruin the area completely, destroying all the nature in its path. The stretch of road where the houses are proposed is dangerous as it is. The noise level will increase, the pollution will increase, nature being killed off, dangerous fast road with parking problems, I hope this time round the comments of neighbours are actually taken into account and not ignored.

Miss Hannah Wilcox

Comment submitted date: Tue 02 Jun 2020

I pick up students from Rock Lane on a weekly basis during term-time. The area is already extremely built-up and there are cars parked nose to tail in every available space; driving/turning is dangerous as the cars block a driver's vision. For these reasons, I am objecting.

Mrs Imogen El-Sharawy

Comment submitted date: Tue 02 Jun 2020

I strongly object to this proposal. It would totally change the nature of the area from that of rural to built up. It would lessen the quality of life for surrounding residents.

I am angry that for the last development a little further down Rock Lane, there were about 40 objections in a sparsely populated area, and the views of residents were not taken into account. Perhaps this time they will be.

I notice that a recent planning application for a further eight houses in Rock Lane has recently been refused as it would have changed the fundamental nature of the area. I hope that this application will be refused for the same reasons.

Miss Sophie Barton-Hawkins

Comment submitted date: Mon 01 Jun 2020

I feel that the erection of a further 29 dwellings in Rock Lane is a poor choice of use for the land.

I feel there will be a huge increase in both noise and traffic on what is already a small, narrow country lane. Cars come through at way above the speed limit and having additional cars using the area will increase the risk of accident or injury.

The buildings will be a blight on the landscape and will ruin the look of the area. This area is one that has retained its features and by building so many dwellings it will remove the views,affect the feel of the area and make the area less desirable to live in.

The dwellings will also over look those opposite and will remove the privacy of the occupants of these houses

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