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HS/FA/20/00669 | Proposed Development of a 1,950 Capacity Football Stadium, Sports Hall and Gymnasium, 2no. 3G Artificial Pitches with Changing Facilities and Spectator Stand, Multi-Use Games Area with Associated Car and Coach Parking (amended description). | Tilekiln Playing Fields, Ingleside, St Leonards-on-sea
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Peter Bailey

Comment submitted date: Wed 25 May 2022

Please see documents tab

Mark Wardle (Deputy CEO and Principal, East Sussex College)

Comment submitted date: Tue 24 May 2022

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Wayne Southby

Comment submitted date: Wed 28 Oct 2020

I support this application, as for me its the ideal place for a sports facility.. it will bring jobs and a safe environment for the children to train and play football, its a no brainer really.. we need this for the future of our children to get in to football and to get a education on the way.. dont take this away from our community as we need this..

Comment submitted date: Wed 25 Nov 2020

I want to add to what I have said on my previous comment, that I do believe thos is the right move to this space, we all know that if this dosnt happen then the future of football in thos Town is in doubt.. why are we lagging behind Eastbourne as they are developing and have some great sports facilities, why can't we as a town be proud of some top class facilities for once .

I played Sunday league football up harrow lane recitation ground for many years and used it to play other sports with friends and family, but that has been taken away from the community! Now we will have 140 odd dwellings going there.

So for me we need this in our town! not just for Hastings united but for the whole town to use, they will benefit from a multi purpose gym, indoor sports for all sorts of sports.. 2 3g pitches to use, asl safe environment for children and adults to use.

I have been reading about the the travel situation to the new ground, for me its a perfect location as you have regular buses to tescos thats are every 15 ro 20 minutes, and they don't finish early like they do where we are now, iv been stranded before as thers no buses after a certain time on Elphinstone Road..

2, I see someone say about antisocial behaviour around Hollington and especially around Tilekiln Playing Fields, as iv seen people say that its been used as a track day for motorbike ragging around the field and used as a dump site, wouldn't a sports facilities help with antisocial behaviour as it will bring the community and kids closer together and actually have somewhere to go, as I hear alot of youth saying there's nothing to do around here and no where to go.

So this would be a great opportunity to have this on their doorstep as I think it would help crack down on antisocial behaviour.

Comment submitted date: Mon 25 Apr 2022

I think it is unacceptable that the council has pulled out of this and gives the reason of we need to keep our green spaces and the world has moved on.

Sorry but what about harrow lane recitation ground you have just sold to developers!
That is the last bit of green space around this community.

And the comment from one of the councillors was [ well they have got to go somewhere] is heart breaking,
Because if that's the attitude then sadly we will never get a proper sports facilities for the future players of this town.

The comments where it was said the word has moved on! We it hasn't in Hastings for the last 26 years, the last facilities that was built was horntye.
But now the cricket has left and its now in buckswood school.

We need facilities.

Comment submitted date: Thu 05 May 2022

I got the wrong school for the cricket ground. It's actually Claremont Preparatory School.

Mrs L A Standen

Comment submitted date: Mon 18 Oct 2021

Please see documents tab.

Comment submitted date: Thu 21 Apr 2022

Please see documents tab

Mr Mark Brasier

Comment submitted date: Sun 22 Nov 2020


I have been a local resident near Tilekiln Playing fields for a long time. I love football and and i am keen to support local business however I have to submit my objection to this proposal for a number of valid and genuine reasons :

1) There has been no thought or consideration to the planning of this for local residents of Coneyburrow or Carpenter Drive areas in the factor of noise, floodlights and parking issues this is going to flag up in future.

Noise - disagree with the volume levels stated on trials

Floodlights - It would cause disturbance and uncomfort to residents locally

Parking - We already have issues for resident parking locally in the area, this is just going to add to them ie residents access in and out of cul-de-sac etc.

2) There is going to be major parking issues, noise, disruption and volume of traffic on the Castleham site and of course the entrance in and out of the proposed site,on top of this an accident waiting to happen for traffic coming off the Castleham road onto the road leading to Tescos store, speed cameras need to be installed here to deter a bad accident from happening here one day.

Could you also answer to me how can a 1900 seater stadium have parking spaces for only 200 cars ? The overflow of cars is clearly going to impact on local resident parking which a number of objectors have already raised concerns on this.

3) For local residents who have not got an forms of transport where can they take their dogs for walk if this proposal goes ahead if they live in the Coneyburrow / Carpenter Drive area.

4) I completely support the objections raised by Darren Thomas and Mrs Shepherd regarding parking and pushing traffic to respective areas locally.

5) How much of an impact on local wildlife will this have and also on surrounding bridal path accesses please and how will this affect local residential areas of Coneyburrow and Carpenter Drive ? I support the comments made by B Wheatley.

Lastly and not least the number of people who have stated their comments on here stating that they want this to go ahead, perhaps how many of them live within walking distance from the proposed site, would they raise their support then ?

Comment submitted date: Sun 06 Dec 2020

Further to my objection to this proposal going ahead I am glad to see that Sport England have got the FA involved in this.

Clearly there are a number of aspects that need to be addressed and I would like to think that local residents in the Carpenter Drive and Ingleside area would be consulted as this is clearly going to have an impact on them should the planning be granted

Comment submitted date: Fri 01 Apr 2022

So we have an amended application and the amendment was due to coach parking eh ?

So the real reason we was told by HBC is that the builder/ developer of the application on the existing site at Pilot Road to convert from the football ground to residential was turned down due to the builder/developer pulled out.

Now we have an amended application for coach parking? Clearly something does not add up here ? Unless of course a new builder / developer has come in and raised the funds to support this application ?

HBC planning please can you explain ?

Comment submitted date: Fri 01 Apr 2022

Explanation on the amended please and I am sure there shall be some tiny small print amendments we have not seen from the original notice that the developers are trying to sneak in and amend and not bring to our notice.

Cannot wait for the leaflets to drop onto our door mat to state what is intending to happen as i would like to feel a lot of the local residents are going to object to this planning application and not the people who are supporting this application probably do not live anywhere near the proposed site.

HBC is there anyway you can tell us the number of people supporting this application where they roughly live and i would be happy to retract my comments. ?

Miss Sarah Boothroyd

Comment submitted date: Thu 27 Jan 2022

Im objecting to this as i regularly use the playing film for my mental health and use it almost every day for excersizeing i live nearby and to take this away would be a great impact on my day to day life and im a very nervous person and the noise would cause me and my austic son very bad anxiety please take this into consideration many thanks and kind regards sarah boothroyd

Lorna Brazier

Comment submitted date: Sun 23 Jan 2022

I am commenting on this application as we live in very close proximity to the proposed site. We, (andany others who live in this area), object to this going through for reasons as follows...
1. Wildlife being decimated in the process of clearing & building.
2. Noise& light pollution.
3. Parking as our residential streets will be inundated when matches occur.
4. We are running out of green spaces where we can take a walk, exercise pets, and children can play safely, (our gardens are not adequate for children to exercise).
5. Hollington is being swallowed up by this urban sprawl. We were told you werentallowing building on the link rd & Queensway & low & behold you granted permission, & our wildlife has drastically suffered!
6. Hollington already has a football club of its own.
7. We live in St Leonards NOT Hastings, therefore it is one reason it should not be built here.
8. I & a lot of, 'Old Hollington folk', will be seeking to move away from the area should this planning application be granted.

Mr Bob Hayward

Comment submitted date: Tue 18 Jan 2022

We are now up-and-coming football club hoping for promotion and we need a bigger ground so please support Hastings United and let them go ahead with the new ground ??

Mr Keith Wareham

Comment submitted date: Wed 28 Oct 2020

The tile kiln football stadium and amenities will be so good for the football club of our town which represents us so well, the amenities are a good thing for people of Hastings to enjoy as well.

Comment submitted date: Tue 18 Jan 2022

This should definitely get approval good for the town and Hastings United football club to have a up to date stadium and facilities,great image for the town as well,and will help hufc to get where they want to get to.

Ms Dawn Shorter

Comment submitted date: Thu 21 Oct 2021

I am horrified by this plan. I have lived in this area for over 30 years and my children grew up playing on these fields. The local community has used this are for recreation since housing was built. it is used by families for exercise, games and summer picnics. it is used by numerous dog walkers and those wishing for exercise. Local clubs also use it for football and other sports training for children.

By turning it into a football stadium it will deny local children and families the use of this site, it will no longer be a green natural area but a one use development.

There is already a football pitch long established in Elphinstone road and it is my view this should be the site of development not a green space.

Football should not be taking priority over other community activities.

Showing 1-10 of 88|1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|

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