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HS/FA/21/00589 | Removal of garden sheds. Proposed new dwelling on land to the rear of 25 Richland Close. | Land to the rear of 25 Richland Close, Hastings, TN35 5ES
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Mr David Simmons

Comment submitted date: Thu 29 Jul 2021

Please see documents tab.

Comment submitted date: Mon 09 Aug 2021

I write to confirm l have today sent 21 photos %redacted%
These are alll within 10 metres %redacted%. On the back o%redacted%which would be seen from a neighbours garden. %redacted% to the protection act.

Mrs Sandra Peters

Comment submitted date: Sun 08 Aug 2021

As existing vehicles on Richland Close park on the pavements and in some areas destroyed grass verges, I am concerned reading the comments that due restricted access via Middle Road access may be attempted via Richland close. Emergency vehicles depending on the time of day find access problematical and delivery vehicles have to reverse to access properties. This attempt to build on an existing garden has already been refused once, what has changed so dramatically to allow its new application?

Mr A Mills

Comment submitted date: Wed 04 Aug 2021

Please see documents tab

Mrs Elizabeth Benton

Comment submitted date: Sun 01 Aug 2021

We strongly object on the proposed development as it will severely compromise our privacy. We bought land from ESCC in 1996/7 which is now used as our garden. The proposed dwelling will look %redacted% over our garden leaving us with no privacy. This would also be very visible from the rear of our house.
Access to the site from middle road is 2.3 metres wide in some places, meaning delivery trucks/lorries will have great difficulty getting down the track. At the end of the track is a small forecourt with garages meaning there is little space for large vehicles to park, turn around or deliver goods. There is restricted visibility where the track meets middle road, this could cause conflict between emerging vehicles and pedestrians.
Another concern is the drainage system, where will all the rain water and sewage go? Our garden back garden is 1.5metres below the proposed dwelling ground level. Therefore if a soak away is proposed it will mean the over spill will spill on to our garden.
Having lived here for over 30 years we know that there is a %redacted%

Mrs Dawn Cox

Comment submitted date: Wed 21 Jul 2021

We live %Comment Redacted% to the proposed development site and would like to object to this new build. We have looked at the previous planning application that was denied on various points. As far as we are aware nothing has changed to allow this development to proceed and cannot understand why planning is going through again.

Access to this proposed site is limited and we are extremely concerned that should there be a major incident on the property there is not sufficient room to allow for the emergency service vehicles (especially fire engines) to gain access, which could put ours and neighbouring properties at risk.

Mr and Mrs Hodd

Comment submitted date: Mon 19 Jul 2021

Please see documents tab

Comment submitted date: Mon 19 Jul 2021

Please see documents tab

Mr Daniel Tolhurst

Comment submitted date: Fri 09 Jul 2021

These proposed plans have been rejected before due to numerous issues. There is badger setts presents as well as foxes living nearby. The track leading to the proposed property is not wide enough to allow construction traffic and will cause damage to this as well. Any deliveries would have to be made to roadside and this would cause parking issues for the people that currently live here.

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