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HS/FA/12/00802 | Construction of an estate road and associated infrastructure and works (including drainage & utilities) to facilitate future development of site as a business park. | Queensway North, Queensway, St Leonards-on-sea
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Mr I D Russell

Comment submitted date: Thu 01 Nov 2012

Not Available

C Worwood

Comment submitted date: Tue 30 Oct 2012

I am deeply concerned about this application on the impact of a factory behind my garden! Noise, pollution in the air , traffic kaos and the fact thats its being built on a nature reserve or next to one.

Mr Garman

Comment submitted date: Mon 29 Oct 2012

We are strongly objecting to the approval of planning permission for an industrial estate.

This estate will be directly behind a very quiet, peaceful housing estate at Eisenhower Drive.

This objection is based on the noise and pollution that such an estate would cause being so close by, it is objected to as an environmental issue, and will have a massive impact on wildlife which is currently a wooded area where there are some most unusual Birdlife and Foxes, Squirrels and Badgers which are all frequent visitors to my garden.

The noise and pollution that this would cause would completely ruin this natural environment behind my home. It would also be completely out of character within this area which is a housing estate. How much noise, smoke, smell would this industrial area bring to this estate.

The most important points as listed above are what my objections are based on. However, It is a very valid point to raise that Eisenhower Drive currently brings into the council the most amount of revenue in the form of council tax, as Eisenhower Drive has the most expensive houses in the area. The industrial estate would dramatically reduce the value of these properties and as such will drastically reduce the councils income from them.

Mr Dennis Moon

Comment submitted date: Tue 16 Oct 2012

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